Treasurers Report

Treasurers Report

The Treasurers Report is compiled by MyClubV2.

All the balances forward, calculations etc are compiled for you by MyClubV2. All the Treasurer needs do is complete the Treasurers Tab information on a day-to-day basis and make sure the final balance carried forward equals the balance in the Bank Account.

1Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is where you can navigate through the Treasurers Reports, View, Print or Save them to disc.


MyClubV2 will compile this information for you. Just make sure the final balance equals the Bank Account balance.


The Teasurer needs to do this themselves - entered into the Treasurers Tab at time of Saving the Report.

4Funds Details

Details of Funds Received and Paid out are compiled by MyClubV2.


Details, including names of members from whom subscriptions were received during the period is compiled for you by MyClubV2.